Southern California's Oldest 50k

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The original bulldog trail run

so cal’s oldest 50k

August 24, 2019


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Bulldog 25k Trail run

Bulldog 50k Ultra


Challenge your PR’s

you raced this classic trail run before and your back for revenge . study the course and pick the best strategy to take on the almost 4-mile BULLDOG climb. break it down and crush it. with plenty of support and experienced volunteers on the course, you’re ready to beat your time. gain confidence, find strength, and step up your racing at the bulldog ultra.


Take on the Trails

You Saw your friends having an epic weekend in the mountains and now you’re ready to try it for yourself!! take on the bulldog ultra and experience it yourself. this 15.5 mile course is hard. There is climbing. it does get hot. but we’re here to help succeed. with four (4) aid stations, two (2) cooling stations, and the bulldog ultra community urging you on, you’ll love the fire-hardened rockscape, beautiful ocean views, and old growth oak forests this course has to offer.


Step up in Distance

the 29th annual bulldog ultra is southern california’s oldest 50k. It’s been the portal for many runners into the world of ultra running. it requires strength to cover 31 miles in the santa monica mountains, determination cover the nearly 6,000 feet of vertical gain, and tenacity to tackle the second loop of the course in the heat of the day. It’s GOTTEN the best of many, but we’re here to see you to the finish line. the bulldog ultra has seven (7) aid stations and (4) cooling stations strategically placed, fully stocked, and expertly staffed. Are you ready?